i like the story of the zen student, sitting through an amazing experience of being transported not figuratively, but literally, he felt, to the very edge of space/time, as breathtaking an experience as any of us could have. he told his sensei who said it was nothing, just his imagination! the student was crushed. later that day he was eating a tangerine, so tasty and vibrant, so very delicious and orangey bright. he mentioned it to sensei who said, "that's enlightenment".


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! Spirituality in simplicity.

Arturo said...

Hi Eeyore
I like that a lot, thank you.

eeyore said...

thanks, anna and arturo, i've always liked that one, too. so many good ones. i'll put more in. and arturo, this blogs for you, man! what kind of stuff would you like to see? this was your idea, really.

joy suzanne said...

my favorite is the description "orangey bright"!

Good morning Eeyore :)

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are writing again. I missed you last time you went away.

Sending you happy hedges of smudgewoozles and wine! Hope you are not affected by the fire smoke, I think Snoopy probably does not like it.

yogagirl said...

Wonderful and meaningful philosophy to take with us on this day.

Beats wondering how many hot dogs Kobayashi can get down. Can't stand the suspense! :)

Thank you.

eeyore said...

anna:)big yes, snoopy not smoke lover, not nag champa, not widfire! but he loves smudgewoozles.

yogagirl, what? kobayashi was gobbling hotdogs and i missed it? tell me, please!