meme, from chitta vritti

1) what doing 5 years ago?

going to A LOT of soccer matches/tournaments with our kids.

2) five things on to-do list today?

*find where snoopy put cell phone.
*try to be good person at work, actually do something and not be hating mr. macgoo next to me for droning on and on like an idiot.
*turn page in basset calendar from may to june.
*have lunch like susananda's (soon in fact)
*do 108 suryas this eve, or at least 5+3, since missing mysore this morning.

3) five snacks you enjoy?

*havea corn chips(haven't changed since the '70's)
*bailey's(it's a snack!)
*hostess sno-balls(like two perky breasts?)
*goji berries, milk chocolate covered(like inappropriate yoga guy)
*smokehouse almonds!(my fav snack)

4) five things you'd do if you were a billionaire?

*build a shala in islamorada(ooops, another billionaire already did that)
*start a ranch commune for all of us.
*build giant ranch for bassets and shibas.
*buy a ranch in mysore.
*buy kino macgregor.

5) five bad habits?

*not returning calls, emails.
*long showers.
*taking other people's food, not off their plate, though.
*hiding from people.

6) five places you've lived?

*hillsborough, ca
*atherton, ca
*san francisco(16 pleasant st.)
*pebble beach, ca
*paris(22, avenue foch)
*big sur(esalen)
*palo alto

7) five jobs you've had?

*store clerk(i dry-mopped up a cigarette and started a major fire)
*roofer(a roll of material got away from me, rolled off the roof and crushed a new cadillac)
*wine buyer
*property manager
*snail keeper(bordeaux)
*in charge of the beet section(vegetable garden, esalen)

i have to think a minute about who to tag.


chitta vritti said...


you totally crack me up :))))) i will go to sleep with this huge, silly smile on my face. thank you so much!

jlafitte said...

Um, so.... what's Kino's asking price?

eeyore said...

let's find out:) i love you, too, chitta vritti, thanks for tagging me!

Anonymous said...

Eeyore, I LOVE YOU and thank you for making me laugh out loud!


i am very glad my shibas make your fantasy ranch.

The roofing material crushed a cadillac?!?!?

I hide too...

eeyore said...

let's hide together, isn't just the best, hiding, i mean:)

eeyore said...

isn't it just the best, i mean.

joy suzanne said...

I'm a hider, too, sometimes. Can I hide with you guys? I've got to get away from these French people once in a while!

Eeyore, this is so funny! OK, I got tagged, too. I'm going to go write mine.

PS, how come you lived in Paris? Tell tell.

eeyore said...

hi joy suzanne! i was supposed to be going to class at l'institut catholique, rue de rennes, i think? but i usually found "better" things to do. paris is a very distracting city for a student, i found. i was there about two years and also spent time in bordeaux, in pauillac "eeyore t'a faing?", working in the vines and caves. i was 19-21. i had fun. there was a boite de nuit very close to where i lived, l'aventure, i doubt if it's still there, and regines, more famous, infamous? congrats again on kapo! tu est merveilleuse!

alfia said...

Hi, eeyore:

Your meme is not ridiculous, it is very, very funny! Loved it! Your to-do list made me cry a little ( I always cry when I laugh too hard).

I want to buy Kino, too. Though might be for different reasons.


eeyore said...

js, j'ai tellement envie de toi, or, je t'envie tellement? how about both? i must practice these to get them straight; "practice and all is coming".

chitta vritti said...

i had to read your meme again and i still feel like shouting out what i said the first time!

this might sound insane, but i wish i had the mind of a donkey, at least like yours :)

Paris! i'm going there in the beginning of july. it's been a long time since i've been there. the french still only speak french? can i hide too?

eeyore said...

i want to come to paris with you, chitta. we could hide together!

chitta vritti said...

can you? can we? please?

eeyore said...


joy suzanne said...

C'est toi que est tellement merveilleux, Eeyore! Charmeur, taquin!

gros bisous

chitta vritti said...

hmm, guess i should be practicing my french too since i'm going there soon... i have a vague idea of what you just wrote JS, not the kind of phrase i'd have much use for at a conference, is it?

Stellata said...

(i hide too)

(but i never crushed a car with roofing supplies)

(but i could try....)

joy suzanne said...

No, probably not at a conference!

Anonymous said...

OK, my French is atrocious but I am inviting myself on this trip and I will just be pretty and smile a lot and eat baguettes with brie and let you all communicate FOR me!


Arturo said...

Hi Eeyore
It's very funny, all of it. hehe.

Hey, not pushing it, but my cousin rents out a studio in the troissieme arrondisement near la Place de La Republique when he's not there, which means most of the year. You can check out for great ideas of where to stay.


eeyore said...

gros bisous:) j.s, "la courbe de tes cils fait la tour de mon coeur." mallarme'?

eeyore said...

i want to go to the conference where you say that, chitta:)

eeyore said...

stellata, all it takes is one little push with your cute toe, it rolls fast!

eeyore said...

anna, we'll have SO much funs!

eeyore said...

arturo:) i will! i usually stay at jockey club, but i want to be closer to the shala, so i'll check, merci mon vieux!

joy suzanne said...

Mmmm, c'est même plus joli que l'original: la courbe de tes yeux... (Elouard)

La courbe de tes yeux fait le tour de mon coeur,
Un rond de danse et de douceur,
Auréole du temps, berceau nocturne et sûr,
Et si je ne sais plus tout ce que j'ai vécu
C'est que tes yeux ne m'ont pas toujours vu.

Feuilles de jour et mousse de rosée,
Roseaux du vent, sourires parfumés,
Ailes couvrant le monde de lumière,
Bateaux chargés du ciel et de la mer,
Chasseurs des bruits et sources des couleurs,

Parfums éclos d'une couvée d'aurores
Qui gît toujours sur la paille des astres,
Comme le jour dépend de l'innocence
Le monde entier dépend de tes yeux purs
Et tout mon sang coule dans leurs regards.


chitta vritti said...

yes Anna, come and be beautiful! (my french is hideous too, we'll let Eeyore do the talking :)

Arturo, that looks lovely! this time i'm staying at a hotel on my employers expense, but when i go on vacation, i'll certainly check it out! which one is your cousin's?

"the shala" you say, Eeyore, is that in paris? do you know a good shala to recommend? i'll be living in 5th arr.

JS, i had to run that through a translator, so it may not have turned out the way it should be - BUT IT WAS STILL BEAUTIFUL!

eeyore said...

j.s., that's so very beautiful, paul elouard, of course! my god, thankyou, it really sends a frison up my sushumna.

eeyore said...

chitta, i'll get you the address!

Liz said...

I would like to reserve my Kino rental right now. And a spot on any of the ranches!

eeyore said...

hi liz!!!
-and i would never hide from you.
a spot for you, and a spot for henry, your ocecat. i guess the guy on his sirsa under the baobab tree can come too:) i'm so glad you want to buy kino, too. others has been giving me hard time about this.

Liz said...

I just looked up ocecat.... I think my friend has one! Beautiful kitty. I think Henry is more in the family of a Blue Russian. He would love a ranch visit!
You have to have a slightly evil sense of humor to understand one's need to buy Kino. ha! Naked yoga for everyone!

eeyore said...

i know what you mean, i really do. blue russian, i like that henry's that! ocecats are maybe too frocious'.