kurmasana, supta kurmasana

In Praise of Turtle

Of all things I ever swallow
Good, well-made turtle beats them hollow
It almost makes me wish, I vow,
To have two stomachs, like a cow.
Thomas Hood

why am i having SO much trouble with kurmasana and supta k? is it a problem for everyone when starting out?


chitta vritti said...

dearest donkey, couldn't say 'cause i'm not there yet... but from seeing others do it, it fcuking SHOULD be a problem :)

eeyore said...

yes, chitta, just wait:) they're very new for me, too, somaybe it just takes "awhile" to adjust to them?

chitta vritti said...

think i may've heard someone say 'practice and all is coming'?

chitta vritti said...


eeyore said...

how true! i feel better, now. thanks chitta:)

Anonymous said...

Depends how naturally open your hips are... but you are strong donkey and you can do things I can't do, like ridiculous himalayan goose pose, yoga is silly and requires patience, pazzles, smudgemeoroars, et al.

I saw two Shibas finally, i think Snoopy sent them.

eeyore said...

smudgemeoroars! :) i remember how open are your hips, so nice. mine will take awhile, today was betters, guru h. crosseded my feet, and i bound, so supta k. seems actually easier, at this point.