Goodbye JB, best basset, best friend, i miss you so

warning, this poem is extremely sad.

Bruce Weigl

I wanted to stay with my dog
when they did her in
I told the young veterinarian
who wasn't surprised.
Shivering on the chrome table,
she did not raise her eyes to me when I came in.
Something was resolved in her.
Some darkness exchanged for the pain.
There were a few more words
about the size of her tumor and her age,
and how we wanted to stop her suffering,
or our own, or stop all suffering
from happening before us
and then the nurse shaved May's skinny leg
with those black clippers;
she passed the needle to the doctor
and for once I knew what to do
and held her head against mine.
I cleaved to that smell
and lied into her ear
that it would be all right.
The veterinarian, whom I'd fought
about when to do this thing
said through tears
that it would take only a few minutes
as if that were not a long time
but there was no cry or growl,
only the weight of her in my arms,
and then on the world.

our basset, jb, had a stroke and was put to sleep this morning. he was 12. i remember something bindifry wrote about how we have these amazing love-filled creatures for only a short time, and then they're gone. how true that feels, and how very sad. jb, i loved you.


Stellata said...

Eeyore! Sweet, beautiful, loving, amazing Eeyore... I am sending you all the love and strength and then more love that I can muster up. What sad news about JB... I can only imagine the sadness you feel.

Your beauty and kindness and warmth oozes thru my computer screen when I read your words, I can only imagine how amazing it is in real life! I am positive JB was SO LUCKY and blessed to have the love and care of someone as amazing as you.

JB knows exactly how loved he was, and how lucky he was to have spent his 12 awesome years with you!

You are in my thoughts and my heart, love x 1000.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Eeyore.

It's so very hard to lose unconditional love.

Thinking of you, and your family.

hugs and love, across all the miles.

eeyore said...

stellata and anna thankyou so much! really, really thankyou for such wonderfully generous thoughts:)

eeyore said...

and you guys, big hugs to max and scout.

joy suzanne said...

Oh Eeyore I'm so sorry. Oh my heart just breaks, reading this. 12 years together is a long time, and I know how much you're going to miss him. He was one lucky dog to have you as his person...

Encore des gros bisous, cher Eeyore. On pense à toi et ton chien bien aimé... xoxoxo

chitta vritti said...

oh, dearest Eeyore! tears are running down my cheeks as i read this... what a great loss. been there, done that, your sadness is my sadness too. like all the others say, JB had a great life with you and knew he was loved, as you know he loved you.

you're in my heart, beautiful creature, thinking of you and sending love and strength to all of your family.


samasthiti said...

So sorry bout your doggie.
They are the biggest lovers of all's so sad when they go.

Many sympathies to your family Eeyore.

Anonymous said...

checking in. Sending love.

boodiba said...

The poem was a beautiful tribute. I'm sorry Eeyore!!

eeyore said...

thankyou guys so much, it means a lot to me. i love you all.

Stellata said...

im here sending more love!
(no YOU hang up first)
(no YOUUUU hang up first!)

cranky housefrau said...

xoxoxoxo to you and to CR and to snoopy.

susananda said...

Oooh Eeyore, so sad to hear this..

I'm rubbish at saying anything decent at such a time, but others have said it very well indeed..

I am thinking of you and dear JB, and my other dear friends Albert, a devoted golden retriever and Pandora, a sweet grey cat, who are also no longer with us. I feel your pain.

yogagirl said...

Eeyore: My heart goes out to you. I have been there with the devastating loss of my first Havanese, Zoe.

A poem for you:

They will not go quietly,

the pets who’ve shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know

their spirit still survives.

Old habits still can make us

think we hear them at the door

Or step back when we drop

a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place

the food dish used to be,

And, sometimes, coming home at night,

we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends

and a new dish to fill,

That one place in our hearts

belongs to them

and always will.

I can tell that you were a loving, wonderful father to JB. He was so fortunate to have you.

All the best,

YG and Prudence

eeyore said...

wow, such a lovely poem, yg, thankyou! and cranky and susananda, i love you all, thanks so, so much.

Stellata said...

yogagirl, what an amazing poem...

Anonymous said...

So sad. Love to JB. Hugs to you.

yogagirl said...

Thank you, Eeyore and Stellata. I am sorry to have taken up so much space on your blog, but wanted to share that beautiful poem. I didn't author it - came across it when my Zoe lost her battle with liver disease. I found it comforting.

My thoughts are with you, Eeyore. It takes a fellow animal lover to truly understand!

Sending love and support to you and your family.


jlafitte said...

Death is not extinguishing the light, it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.

- Rabindranath Tagore

Carl said...

I'm sorry that James Bond died. He had a fun life, though, didn't he? He must have had some great times on those little legs of his, sniffing his way around his world and adding his own mark wherever he felt he should contribute.

ld said...

Eeyore, hi. I am so, so sorry to hear of your loss. Bassets are some of the sweetest creatures in the world. It doesn't seem fair that they can't live with us for years on end. It makes my eyes tear to learn that you had to say good-bye to your best friend. I'm so sorry and am sending hugs from New York.

eeyore said...

my gosh, thanks, thanks you all. carl, he did have fun on those stubby legs, and yes he left his mark many places:) dzm, thanks so much for the love and hugs, lafitte, i did get to play the eeyore prelude for jb quite a few times and he always loved it! ld, fellow basset lover, thankyou so much! and yogagirl, thanks again for that amazing, touching poem.

hbomb said...

dad i love you. that was really nice, jb is happy in dog land.

Tracy said...

My heart is with my friend~ those beautiful creatures in fur coats who prance into our lives one day and we are Never the same...oh, my heart is with you~
love to you at this most delicate and painful time.

joy suzanne said...

Good morning Eeyore. Hope you have a beautiful day.

eeyore said...

hi joy suzanne! hi tracy, thanks for thinking of jb, and thanks for all of the great works at o.s.

alfia said...

Oh, eeyore, I am so sorry! I lost two dogs in my life and my heart still aches for them. So awful that they can't live as long as we do! I am sure though JB had a wonderful life with your loving family!

Arturo said...

Hi Eeyore
I'm sorry for the loss of your pet. I had a basset named BJ (the reverse) and I missed him when he died.

eeyore said...

arturo, i didn't know you had had a basset! and bj, just the inverse, or whatever it's called. when we see each other next i want to hear all about him please.