for ld, since she asked, my poems, karandava revisited

mixed feelings

i saw the goose
in the water
he was really far.
the rock felt just right in my hand
i knew i couldn't hit him
but i did
i hope he's ok.

if i were a gopher

if i were a gopher
i'd dig tunnels under that pig,
so many that he'd soon
sink into the ground.
it's for is own good,
low-flying fighter pilots
won't see him.


Cody said...

you know what eeyore, I generally hate poetry but I really liked those two. I think you're a genius! really!


chitta vritti said...


eeyore said...

thanks, cody and chitta. wow, i've never been called a genius before, cody. one of the poems is really true, i have hit so many things with rocks! often, not the right things, like birds. i just keep thinking, well,there's no danger, i hit the last one, and this one's even farther out in the water.

(0v0) said...

you hit me with your tractor beam from 300 miles out!

i am a gray goose too. the other guy told me the rock didn't hurt much.

these are perfect donkey poems.

eeyore said...

hi owl, i love you! i like gray goose, too. i also love your post and have been thinking about ana brett and whirling dervishes and isadora duncan.

(0v0) said...

isadora! yes, the only way i could possibly dance since i am v clumsy.

here is a good poem about her by vic chesnutt. a singer cody would like. wonderful soul.

(0v0) said...


Isadora Duncan by Vic Chesnutt.

eeyore said...

"she closed her new directions paperback" best song ever? yef.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Isadora... why am I not surprised to be among fans?

Eeyore, the PANDA!

I REALLY want to see Kung Fu Panda.

eeyore said...

the panda!

chitta vritti said...

good morning Eeyore! that panda is adorable! (almost as cute as my niece :)

wanted to tell you i'm tagging you for a meme! hope you'd like to do it :)

have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Eeyore, I must snuzzle that panda.

Stellata said...

EEYORE! You are HERE! I am so slow on the uptake! Yay! beautiful poetry! And I have to admit I am having a love affair with that baby panda!!!


eeyore said...

hey you guys, i love you!

hbomb said...

best poem of all time.