The Curve of Your Eyes, Paul Eluard

Joy Suzanne had this poem from Eluard in it's original French, this translation by A.S. Kline.

The curve of your eyes embraces my heart
A ring of sweetness and dance
halo of time, sure nocturnal cradle.
And if I no longer know all I have lived through
It's that your eyes have not always been mine.

Leaves of day and moss of of dew,
Reeds of breeze, smiles perfumed,
Wings covering the world of light,
Boats charged with sky and sea,
Hunters of sound and sources of colour

Perfume enclosed by a covey of dawns
that beds forever on the straw of stars,
As the day depends on innocence
The whole world depends on your pure eyes
And all my blood flows under their sight.


Stellata said...

sentimental and a little sad for me, i like it.

happiness is a panda shala, that i do know

chitta vritti said...

yes, that is beautiful! (and much better then when run through bablefish :) thank you!

alfia said...

I love the panda picture! First I thought the guy was sitting in a childrens corner with lots of panda toys around him, and then I saw what he was doing. I want his job! :)
Beautiful poem.

joy suzanne said...

Ah! Only Elouard never claims ownership of the eyes, as the translation suggests in line 5. There are a lot of differences but that one really jumps out at me. Who is AS Kline? I'll have to look him up.

It's so endlessly interesting and (sometimes) vexing the way it's impossible to really translate poetry, and sometimes prose. Especially poetry, though, as restriction line and meter pushes translators to make choices that don't necessarily reflect the feeling...

I was reading "Every Day You Play" by Neruda the other day (in English translation), and wishing so much that I could read Spanish, that I could feel and live in Spanish so that I could know for sure... you know?

Michael said...

eeyore -
That poem was beautiful. Poetry in translation, yeah, really a new poem.
I will be in SFO July 5-7 and again the following weekend. Where to practice? Is there still naked yoga?

eeyore said...

hi laprox! yes, still naked yoga at one taste on folsom st. saturday mornings. OR mysore at AYSF which is where i practice, you'll love it.

just tell heidi and john you're coming from out-of-town. i'm sad to miss you! i'm going to the hong kong yoga expo then, or whatever it's called, unless plans fall-through.

eeyore said...

hi alfia, i know, at first i thought they were not real, too!

hi j.s! it's not the same, is it? reminds me how people say poe got better in translation, when baudelaire was his translator!

chitta, hi! still i love bablefish!

stellata, hi! yes kinda melancholy and lovely and happy panda babies!

cranky housefrau said...

gorgeous poem!
and that is the job i need! fuzzy baby feeder!

(0v0) said...

enclosed by a covey of dawns

maybe an accident of translation, aka interpretation, but a beautiful one.

HKong-wow! And with the startup-translator/interpreter son, i surmise! watch out for bad boy Duncan W and his "yogi carts"! scary!

eeyore said...

hi cranky! hi owl! did you know master wong went to middle school across the street from your yoga tree valencia? did you know that duncan accused me once of stealing his manduka? and that i've seen you and duncan and kino do asana in a way i've not seen anyone else do them:) he does scare me a little.

(0v0) said...

i did not know any of that!

you are a wealth of information.

today i let someone take some yoga photos. WWDWD?

eeyore said...

most things i seem to find out from you! WWDWD!!?:) well, LOTS of photos; can i see yours? i'd seriously like that. yogi carts:)rule! "get's your warrior on," oh, i saw melanie fawer is in santa monica this week, i think at that shala run by the daughter of that supermodel, tinkaweasel? no she also has an agency named after her, it sounds like lululemon, damnn, i cannot think of it, um wilhelmina- or close.