c.p. cavafy


In a room-empty, small, four walls only,
covered with green cloth-
a beautiful chandelier burns, all fire;
and each of its flames kindles
a sensual fever, a lascivious urge.

In the small room, radiantly lit
by the chandelier's hot fire,
no ordinary light breaks out.
Not for timid bodies
the lust of this heat


(0v0) said...

this has to be about AYSF, but you are not c.p. cavafy, are you?

ld said...

do you practice at aysf, eeyore? i was there in december.

eeyore said...

owl, i think c.p. died in about 1900? he's greek, amazing stuff. reminded me of that room, though! you too?

ld, yes i'm there! in december, we were probably together at some time:) but i was away a lot, too, december. did you have lovely pinkish-plond hair?

eeyore said...

ld, i couldn't find my verse(thank god!) monday i'll find it.

ld said...

no, don't have pinkish-blond hair. i wish i did, that sounds nice! i was there at the end of when n&k were teaching at aysf. sf was fun. i had such good food there...farina focaccia and also this fantastic place in napa.

eeyore said...

n&k are amazing, i was only there for a few days with them, the first time i met them was that led class govinda k. did at the beginning of their stay. owl was there, too.

isn't farina soo good? amazing place, and they've had some problems with wacko neighbors! delfina, nearby, is awesome, too. where did you like so much in napa?

ld said...

redd. it was incredible. though i ate all this ice cream before i went, so wasn't able to eat as much as i usually can!

what neighbors could possibly want to cause farina problems? any anger i could ever have would just dissolve immediately upon eating their focaccia bread. i think we either ate at delfina or wanted to eat at delfina. i can't remember which.

you and owl were there? maybe we were all there at the same time! n&k were my teachers in la for awhile. i learned a tremendous amount about the practice from them.

eeyore said...

i've wanted to go to redd since it opened. farina has neighbors who don't want it there 'cause they think it messes up their parking. one guy would key cars when he saw the drivers going in to have dinner! the cops caught him, finally. you have to come back, AYSF.