i'm sore from this morning and wants a cheeseburger

richard brautigan

The Flowerburgers
Part 4

Baudelaire opened
up a hamburger stand
in San francisco,
but he put flowers
between the buns.
People would come in
and say, "Give me a
hamburger with plenty
of onions on it."
Baudelaire would give
them a flowerburger
instead and the people
would say, "What kind
of a hamburger stand
is this?"


cranky housefrau said...


(0v0) said...

Flowers between the buns.

Earthly Delights, middle panel, bottom right?


eeyore said...

ch,yes yum! and owl, i never thought of it that way, fbb:) how nice. owl, are you sure you're not pynchon, or some multi-dimensional genius from not this kali yuga? i thought you were at ucla, not some art historian so well versed in hieronymous that you could immediately recall various quadrants of 16th century triptychs inferred from hippie sf poets! you stun me!!:)

boodiba said...

Food!! I am a bottomless pit. Hormonal... (tmi!)

I did practice. Had a cheese, almond danish from Pain Q, along with a large latte. Then my friend Julie didn't want her omelet. I wolfed it down. (Prosciutto, goat cheese, scallions).

I think I may need a cheese burger soon...

eeyore said...

you even ate her omelet? i'm glad, practice sounded good from what you said somewhere today. i am bad lady and did not go, it's only primary, after all:) no, it's just that i'm going to see duncan wong tomorrow, he's doing led primary here.

boodiba said...

I ate the omelet & the danish, yep.

Mac Tech likes to complain about the new, smaller me. "You have NO ass now!" he says. Not true. I have one. It is small & round.

My metabolism is a forest fire??? (sssssss.....)

eeyore said...

you are a burning bush!

boodiba said...

flutter, flutter

ld said...

eeyore! hi.

eeyore said...

ld hi! :)