every day, or so, i will post a favorite poem. or something about my gloomy mysore practice.


Arturo said...

Hi eeyore
You're blogging again. Fun! It might have been otherwise.

I'd like to find a translation in spanish for Mary Oliver's "When death comes". The online translation made Spanish gibberish of it. Although, to be honest, miracles of modern medicine are making rehearsals of the poem unnecessary.

eeyore said...

i love that poem. i'll ask a friend at stanford for a spanish trans, if they know.

(0v0) said...

Because you like to be told, I was thinking of telling you

Stay eeyore, stay.

Like you would say to your basset
if you were showing off his
obedience skills at a party.

But I will only say welcome.


Arturo said...

oh, it's already getting good. I see we're going to get contributions to this beautiful blog! Thanks (0v0), thanks eeyore.

eeyore said...

hi owl!

ld said...

Bassets don't have any obedience skills! They have minds of their own...