Atty and Lakshmi, AYSF

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St. Francis

lulu in ganga ma

lulu is taken from alight's flickr page, and the following william stafford poem as well, "climbing along the river".

willows never forget how it feels to be young

do you remember where you came from? gravel remembers
even the upper end of the river believes in the ocean

exactly at midnight yesterday sighs away

what i believe is, all animals have one soul
over the land they love they crisscross forever

bassets of india

bassets in goa?! surfing. this is lulu, taken from alight's flickr page.

also, i found preeti narayanan, she's a basset breeder in bangalore.

"i was seven when i decided that i was going to have a home filled with dogs. everyone thought it was very amusing. my parents even bought me a dog figuring it would take care of it. hmmm...don't think it did. we are a family of 27! raj, my daughter - tapasya, our 24 dogs and myself. our crowded little home is in suburban bangalore and we are fortunate to have understanding neighbors who don't have a fit evey time the dogs decide to do a rendition of 'who let the dog's out'! there are no kennels in our house and all our dogs live together. i also board dogs and guess what they too live with my dogs while they are here!" omg.

coconut lions in mysore

the subcontinent coconut lion has a fat nose to help it smell distant coconuts. i was not going to mention it as they are treasured and not really to be talked about, like yoga:) they are pretty grouchy and dangerous by all accounts. powerful jaws that can open coconuts and feisty dispositions keep people away even though the lions are only about the size of a koala bear. they're still around southern india.

if you do read dylan on the plane

why does he have this effect? much better off listening to flo-rida, "lo lo lo lo lo"

din tai fong, king of dumplings, taipei

bestest dumplings ever.